Teleman – ‘Lady Low’


Following the demise of Pete & The Pirates, a tentative eye has been kept on Thomas Sanders and company’s new outfit Teleman.

Two stunning singles later, ala ‘Steam Train Girl’ & ‘Cristina’, and Teleman are readying the release of their Bernard Butler produced debut LP, Breakfast. Ahead of the album’s May 26th release, the London-based boys have offered up another fine taste of things to come with new track ‘Lady Low’. It’s a limpid, loungey and airy number which also sports a full on saxophone solo in its latter stages and it really works so well. No massive surprise at laid-back, sunken and slumbering nature of ‘Lady Low’, it’s pretty much in keeping with what was so excitable about their previous releases. Effortlessly cool stuff once again from Teleman. Roll on May 26th and their debut LP.

Breakfast will be released on May 26th through Moshi Moshi Records and ‘Lady Low’ is below for your listening pleasure and available in exchange for you email address here.

Teleman – ‘Steam Train Girl’

teleman (1)

It pains to see how some supremely talented artists can remain largely overlooked, languishing in a musical hinterland far away from the public gaze, while others less talented receive adoration. Music, is at times, an entirely baffling industry.

One such case is that of Thomas Sanders. Anything Sanders has touched to date, from Tap Tap, Pete & The Pirates to his latest project Teleman, has been pure gold. The latter’s latest single, ‘Steam Train Girl’ continues this trend and is a perfect portrayal of Sanders & co’s. knack for exquisite indie pop songs. It kicks off with pulsating guitars before the rest of band gradually filters in, layering psychedelic-tinged synths over rhythmic drums and Sanders’ striking vocals which are, as ever, strikingly fantastic. To be fair Teleman has been riding along a thin wave of hype since announcing themselves late last year, perhaps Sanders will finally gain the plaudits his talent deserves – third time lucky and all that jazz. 

Teleman have quite a few live dates coming up, including support for Suede later in the year but before all that, you can listen to ‘Steam Train Girl’ below. It is out with b-side ‘Please Kill It’ on July 1st via their own own imprint Encona Records.

Teleman – ‘In Your Fur’


Hot on the heels of Teleman‘s debut single/video, ‘Cristina‘, comes b-side ‘In Your Fur’.

Be assured that b-side does not denote a drop in quality, in fact, it’s another exquisite pop song. ‘In Your Fur’ illuminates the former Pete & The Pirates trio’s more warped psychedelic side with a rich blend of guitar, drum and synths, the perfect backdrop for lead singer Tom Sanders’ distinctive and bittersweet vocals. An absolutely wonderful little ditty. 

Hopefully we hear a lot more from Teleman throughout 2013 and beyond but for now, ‘Cristina’ & ‘In Your Fur’ are on Moshi Moshi.

(Video) Teleman – Cristina

Teleman announced their arrival late last year with this song, ‘Cristina’, but the band have gone and released this simple but lovely video to accompany the song.

Comprised of former Pete & The Pirates trio, ‘Cristina’ is a simplistic slice of blissful pop, a gently propulsive song allowing lead singer Tom Sanders’ distinctive and bittersweet vocals come to the fore. Hopefully we hear a lot more from Teleman throughout 2013 and beyond but for now, ‘Cristina’ is out on Moshi Moshi and joined by ‘In Your Fur’.

Teleman – Cristina

Sadly it would seem Pete & The Pirates are no more, although there has been no confirmation from the band but it looks pretty ominous.

Out of the ashes however comes Teleman, made up of former pirate trio; Thomas Sanders, Jonny Sanders and Pete Cattermoul. ‘Cristina’ is the curtain raiser of this new project, a simplistic slice of blissful pop with Thomas Sanders distinctive and bittersweet vocals at the centre, drawing you in bit by bit. A wonderful hazy introduction to this new venture.

‘Cristina’ will be accompanied by ‘In Your Fur’ for Teleman’s debut release, which will be part of the new Moshi Moshi Singles Club; it comes out on January 14th.