Introducing: Tarsiers


Tarsiers are a band based in Cardiff. They formed last year, began gigging in April and now their first recordings have surfaced online.

That’s the story of the Cardiff three-piece so far, in the most simplistic form. Finding an explanation for their style and sound has proven to be a rather more arduous proposition. This first collection of tracks, entitled Demo, sees them embrace an intriguing mix of styles and genres. ‘Camel’, ‘Last Train’ and ‘Black Ice’ are three imaginative and organic sounding jams, veering from rhythmic post-punk to the off-kilter realms of psychedelia and ’60s/’70s rock, all augmented by alluring grooves and imaginative arrangements. Tarsiers are an exciting proposition in what seems, from the outside anyway, as a remarkably healthy and diverse scene in Cardiff. Having set out with the aim of making music that was both ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’, we can definitely say it’s mission accomplished. Job well done.

You can stream Tarsiers tracks below and if they take your fancy, you can download them for free in a neat bundle from bandcamp.

(Video) Anna Calvi – ‘Eliza’


Announced a few weeks ago, Anna Calvi‘s forthcoming second LP, One Breath, is one of the most hotly anticipated follow up records.

Calvi’s self-titled debut was after all, one of 2011’s finest records, and an enthralling collection of brooding and dramatic gothic pop-songs to boot. The London-based singer-songwriter has unveiled the lead single from the forthcoming LP and ‘Eliza’ is certainly an auspicious first taste of her new album. An electric art-rock stomp, ‘Eliza’, sees a rustic guitar twang quiver in the face of Calvi’s powerful, emotive vocal and instrumental solos – retaining the kind of sweeping, noir-ish cinematic appeal of her previous work.

You can check out ‘Eliza’ below, along with the Emma Nathan directed video. One Breath will be released on October 7 through Domino Records.

(Video) The Static Hand – ‘One Double One’

Illusive Berlin based producer The Static Hand has come up trumps with his new single, ‘One Double One’ & video to boot.

Comprised of a series of synths, glitches and beats, ‘One Double One’ is a dark, eerie and decidedly unnerving creation, something the video certainly expands on. The video certainly brings to mind the creepy cut scene’s you get in BBC Three show Ideal. A perfect inclusion for the day that’s in it, being Halloween and all.

‘One Double One’ is taken from The Static Hand’s new album Short Bursts From a Starting Gun which is out now.

Tenaka’s Collected mix | ‘Rhythm Incursions’

Tenaka (Aka Ronan Carroll) is one of many impressive Irish electronic producers to emerge in recent times. He has put together a 47 minute long mix Rhythm Incursions, a collection of 21 tracks that include remixes, previously released, unreleased and demo tracks, charting his musical journey so far. Impressive stuff.

As the man himself puts it:

“Since my first EP I’ve been close to and scraped 2 albums (one after the ‘Eponymously Titled’ EP and one after the ‘EPhemeral’ EP) .‘Collected’ is a snapshot of those tracks which includes remixes, previously released, unreleased and demos tracks. I took this opportunity to compile them in this mix to serve as a bridge between the EPhemeral EP and the EPoch EP which will be released this summer. I guess this is the closest I’ll get to finishing an album any time soon”
For the full tracklisting & to download the mix in full, click through to here.

Wavves ‘King of the Beach’

To my complete and utter shame, although being fully aware of their existence and reported talents this is the first time listening to Wavves. Why? I have no idea but on a quick inspection I’ve obviously being missing out, something I would do well to rectify, an enjoyable post-Oxegen task is before me.

Back to the here and now and the cause of  this ‘remarkable’ admission of stupidity. I randomly stumbled upon ‘King of the Beach’, the title track from Wavves new album, indie surf-rock with a dash of punk. Love it.

Wavves – King of the Beach