Video: Miles Kane – Rearrange

New tracks from Miles Kane are coming thick and fast as he gears up for the release of debut album Colour of the Trap in May.

As with Kane’s solo work to date, ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Come Closer’, the 60’s preys heavily on ‘Rearrange’. It is another sublime slice of 60’s inspired ladish rock with some added dance-able swagger. In fact, clad in a smart suit Kane resembles another well-known Liverpudlian, a young Paul McCartney.

As well as that, there is the fruit from a more unlikely combination with Skream who has remixed ‘Rearrange’.

Colour of the Trap is out on 9th May.

Download: Miles Kane – Rearrange (Skreamix) via Your Army

Free Music: Avalanche Ammo – Animals

There seems to be a never-ending flow of great music emanating from Kildare but who’s complaining?

The latest, Avalanche Ammo, is the work of Anthony Boland who has released his debut EP Animals, in which each song is cleverly named after one. Animals is 4-tracks of lively melodic post-rock, tight riffs and samples; not to different to that of Adebisi Shank. Hard to believe so far this is the work of just one guy, yes one guy.

This is his debut release and it’s free to download via bandcamp. Keep an eye of out for some live shows in the future.

 Download: Avalanche Ammo – Panda Capture

Download: Avalanche Ammo – Owl Speaks

Free Music: Johnny Flynn Live Session

A wonderful live session from Johnny Flynn recorded for, in conjunction with The Independent has been released as a free download.

The 5-tracks; ‘Churlish May’, ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Howl’, ‘Barnacled Warship’ and ‘Been Listening’ are all taken from last year’s heartwarming album, Been Listening. An excellent showcase of his superb songwriting and his heartwarming and sombre folk music.

Pop on over to where in return for an email, you will receive the download for free.

Download: Johnny Flynn – Barnacled Warship

Video: Two Wounded Birds – All We Wanna Do

Margate’s Two Wounded Birds are set to release a new single ‘All We Wanna Do’ on Moshi Moshi next month.

They will be hoping to keep up the momentum from last years Keep Dreaming Baby EP. ‘All We Wanna Do’ confirms their enthusiasm for catchy, energetic surf-inspired indie-pop but, clocking in at just 1.51 ‘ it’s a little on the ‘short’ side.

‘All We Wanna Do’ is released on limited edition 7″ vinyl/download on April 18th via Moshi Moshi.

Video: The Black Angels – Haunting at 1300 McKinley

‘Haunting at 1300 McKinley’ is the latest single to be taken from Texan band The Black Angels‘ third album, Phosphene Dream.

There is something about solid bluesy rock riffs that just hits the spot. Add a dash grinding garage-rock riffs, some swirly psychedelia and bang.

Like The Black Keys or Soledad Brothers? This is for you.

‘Haunting at 1300 McKinley’ is out now.

SebastiAn – ‘Embody’

French electro artist SebastiAn already has a formidable remix rep but his long-awaited debut album has been announced for release in May.

The first single ‘Embody’ has a sumptuous twisted disco vibe to it and is our first glimpse at what to expect in May. It has a lot in common with Justice or more recent Cassius material, nice if a little surprising.

Total is definitely an album to keep an eye out for this summer, if he manages to replicate the guile of his remixes (like ‘Killing In The Name Of’ after the jump) we should be in for a treat indeed.

Embody is out on April 4th w/ remixes from Kavinsky and DJ Premier and Total is out on Ed Banger in May.


 SebastiAn – Embody

Remember this one? Oh yes!

Mp3: Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the Name Of (SebastiAn Remix) via Red Threat

Zombie Nation – Chickflick

Justice & MSTRKRFT monopolised journo’s & bloggers attention over the past week or so with their announced returns. Amongst all this furore came also the return of Zombie Nation (AKA Florian Senfter) with Chickflick, his first release of 2011.

‘Chickflick’ is a frenetic whirlwind of bleeps, squelches, synths and kickdrums, just the unique blend of techno/electro we’ve come to expect from Zombie Nation. It is causing palputations at the very thought of hearing this played live, this one should have dance floors hopping throughout the summer months.

Chickflick is out now w/ remixes from Boris Dlugosch and Siriusmo, the later adds a wee bit more fun and bounce with his thumping remix.

Zombie Nation – Chickflick

 Zombie Nation – Chickflick (Siriusmo Remix)

via Zombie Nation