BarryGruff’s Irish Songs of 2013 (Mixtape)


There’s been some really great stuff released this year from Irish acts and as has become customary for this time of year, I’ve put together a compilation/mix of my favourite tracks from throughout the year. 

There’s some old friends and some new, hopefully you enjoy the tunes as much as I, and  without further ado, here’s my favourite Irish Songs of 2013. Tracklisting is after the jump.


01 The Depravations – ‘I Heard The Sound’

02 Paddy Hanna – ‘Barry White’

03 Disconcerting P – ‘Not Good Enough’

04 Biggles Flys Again – ‘Singalong’

05 Sundernix – ‘Brasserie’

06 Sive – ‘Wingless Bird’

07 Anderson – ‘Death Is Like The Rain’

08 Oisin McCole – ‘Not For Your Heart’ 

09 Tandem Felix – ‘Ryan Hoguet’

10 Death In The Sickroom – ‘Brick To The Face’

11 The Statics – ‘Alone’

12 Gangs – ‘Crumbs in the Bed’

13 No Monster Club – ‘A Better Fit’

14 The Last Monroes – ‘Underneath The Streetlight’

15 Dead Heavys – ‘Slow Robot’

16 O Emperor – ‘Contact’

17 Girls Names – ‘A New Life’

18 Terriers – ‘For You’

19 Lethal Dialect – ’13 Till Infinity’ 

20 The Expert & Danny Diggs – ‘The Imitation (The Expert Version)’

21 Sliab Cuinciu – ‘Drug Game’

22 Space Dimension Controller – ‘Rising’

23 AdultRock – ‘Chants’

24 Gem Dos – ‘When The Dust Settles’

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