Gorilla Warfare Tactics – ‘Zoology’


Earlier this month Gorilla Warfare Tactics returned with the excellent ‘drugDILLA’, after a nearly two-year gap from releasing music. 

The NYC duo are back once again with ‘Zoology’, the title track from their forthcoming album which will be released on April 30th. There’s no major surprise to find they continue to tread the same path as those who have gone before them. GWT’s particular brand of revivalism, which appropriates the styles of past masters with their own added twist, has always worked ever so well. Anyway, ‘Zoology’ captures this perfectly and is so, so smooth, it might also be Dilla’s finest vocal performance to date. It’s not like their forthcoming album needed upped in the anticipation stakes but ‘Zoology’ has done just that, a fantastic cut with a real groove of it’s own. 

There’ not long to go till Zoology is released in full (April 3oth) until then you can stream/download the title track below. 

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – ‘drugDILLA’

GWT 2013

Gorilla Warfare Tactics have returned to the fold after what seems like an age. In reality it’s only been two years since they caused a mini-storm online with their superb debut EP, Premier, before shuffling off into the shadows.

The New York City trio’s time away has been fruitful, their recent absence should not be confused for a lackadaisical attitude, these guys have been putting in work and it certainly shows. The have reemerged with ‘drugDILLA’, the first track taken from their forthcoming album, Zoology, which will be released on April 30th. They continue their journey down an old-school path, appropriating the styles of past masters without sounding like rip-off merchants. ‘drugDILLA’ is a step up in class; breezy and feel-good, the rhyming and flow sounds so effortless and the beat, well, it’s got more bounce than Zebedee.

The time away has been well spent by GWT & when Zoology comes out on April 30th, it should be worth the wait. Check ‘drugDILLA’ below and see for yourself. 

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dark Saber Jedi

The new cuts from New York hip-hop trio Gorilla Warfare Tactics keep coming thick and fast, not that I’m complaining.

‘Dark Saber Jedi’ is another supreme cut of old school hip hop which sticks to their script, tight rhymes, weighty punchlines and head-nodding beats while sporting a surprising flute riff.

For a group who only started recording in 2011, they are making serious headway as one of the most promising hip hop acts right now!

You can download their debut EP for FREE from here.

Download: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dark Saber Jedi via Thissongissick

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – RewindRhyme

Hot on the heels of their debut EP Premier, New York trio Gorilla Warfare Tactics are back with another 3 minutes of old school hip hop gold. 

‘RewindRhyme’ sees them build on that infectious feel-good sound which made Premier so great. Adding a touch of bouncy piano, classic beats, great lyrics and rhymes with shades of J5, ‘RewindRhyme’ cements GWT as one of the most promising hip hop acts I’ve heard in some time.

You can download their debut EP for FREE from here.

Download: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – RewindRhyme via Thissongissick