Girl Band – ‘Lawman’


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Girl Band. The Dublin band had a relatively quiet 2013 but they’ve kicked off 2014 with Irish, UK and Eurosonic dates, and most importantly a new single. 

‘Lawman’ is a real beast of a track. Over a sprawling six-minute industrial stomp of gut-wrenching and desolate post-punk rock, the ears a battered into submission with a fuzzed and filthy caustic cacophony of sound. The Dublin four piece have rarely been anything but exhilarating, in the flesh or on record, and ‘Lawman’ is in keeping with tradition. In short; this is a stunning tune and it’s good to have them back. 

‘Lawman’, Girl Band’s first ever 7″, is released on January 10th via Any Other City Records on a limited run of 300 records. Turn up the volume and check it below. 

Girl Band – ‘In My Head’

Dublin based four-piece punk rock ensemble Girl Band, are releasing their debut single ‘In My Head’ on April 10th via Any Other City Records.

It feels strange to say ‘debut’ as we’ve already witnessed a smattering of thunderous tracks online. Rest assured, ‘In My Head’ treads a similar path and is a another grunting racket of high octane punk rock.

Girl Band celebrate the release with a launch in The Grand Social on Tuesday, April 10th, with support from Spies.

Introducing: Girl Band

Girl Band are Dublin-based four-piece who make a racket to be reckoned with.

Having joined forces this summer, they embrace a shared love of all things punk rock. ‘Twelves’ is a minute and a half salvo of thunderous aggression while ‘Second One’ metes out a substantial dose of fuzzed up fury. Also lead singer Dara Kiely’s vocals slide between a subdued murmur to the ear-splitting and shrill with an effortless ease. 

Granted, it is obviously early days with a mere two songs and handful of gigs under their belt. Such is the quality however, we should be in for an interesting few months especially as they hope to record a debut EP in the new year.

Catch Girl Band in The Grand Social, Dublin for free on December 7th with Tandem Felix and Peaks.

Download: Girl Band – Twelves

Download: Girl Band – Second One