Eugene McGuinness – ‘Fairlight’

Everyone likes a surprise, well the good kind anyway. Eugene McGuinness has today released a new one-off single, ‘Fairlight’, which kind of came out of the blue this morning.  ‘Fairlight’ is the first new material from McGuinness since the release of album The Invitation To The Voyage last summer. It sees him continue to eek out a space […]

(Video) Eugene McGuinness – Sugarplum

Eugene McGuinness‘ second album Invitation To The Voyage was one of the more enjoyable of 2012. Nothing startling or groundbreaking but an enjoyable blend of quirky, left-of-centre indie with a glossy pop sheen. With bursts of brass, surf/’60s pop guitar, clever lyrical wordplay and a confident swagger; McGuinness found a perfect balance between catchy pop and exhilarating indie. His […]

(Video) Eugene McGuinness – Harlequinade

Forget about Marty and Lizzie, the only McGuinness we need concern ourselves with today is Eugene. Eugene McGuinness is gearing up to release his brand new album, The Invitation to the Voyage, on the 6th August. He has unveiled a brand new single ‘Harlequinade’, released the same day, it is a rather chipper synth driven […]

(Video) Eugene McGuinness | Shotgun

Eugene McGuinness‘ recent output has been outstanding. Not wasting any time he has revealed yet another thrilling track, a further appetizer of what’s to come on his forthcoming new album. Of the previous tracks, ‘Lion’ was lively and bursting with brawn while ‘Thunderbolt‘ was a little more subtle, new single ‘Shotgun’ is a mixture of both styles. From the bassline in […]

Eugene McGuinness – ‘Thunderbolt’

Eugene McGuinness returns with a thrilling new track from his forthcoming new album, due out in the first half of 2012. Previous single ‘Lion’ was lively, energetic and bursting with brawn while ‘Thunderbolt’ is just as slick, it displays the more subtle nuances of McGuinness’ talent. Built around a mesmeric clap of brass, off kilter guitars and wonderfully flexible vocals, this catchy […]

Video/Download: Eugene McGuinness – Lion

It has been a little while but Eugene McGuinness is back with a new song ‘Lion’ as a free download. Most recently he’s been busy touring as part of Miles Kane’s band but this sees a return to normal duties. ‘Lion’ is lively, uptempo and ridiculously catchy track swathed with swagger and a heavy, spooky guitar line or, according […]

(Video) Coves – ‘Last Desire’

Coves announced themselves with the rather splendid Cast A Shadow EP last year, an imaginative foray through a whole host sounds and styles.  The duo spent 2012 on tour with Echo & The Bunnymen and Eugene McGuinness and it would seem from ‘Last Desire’ at least, to be time well spent. It has added some muscle to their sound, […]

BarryGruff’s Albums of the Year 2012

So, yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory. It’s end of year list time and every website, blog and magazine are busy compiling them. So not to be left out, here are my favourite 25 albums from 2012. Feel free to leave your few cents worth in the comments section, if you  feel the need that is. […]