(Video) Bright Young People – ‘Liberties’


You how some bands just crack a sound perfectly, right? Well, that’s the case with Bright Young People, who’ve completely sussed out the whole sleazy rock ‘n roll vibe. 

This fuzzed up Welsh trio sound as though they’re channeling everyone and everything from The Stooges, The Jesus and Mary Chain to B.R.M.C. or Velvet Underground. Their debut single ‘Liberties’, captures what they are all about perfectly; sleazy riffs, meet intense howling vocals, pummeling beats and persuasive melodies, and all washed with a rather catchy pop sensibility. This is dirty rock ‘n roll of the finest quality, with more than it’s fair share of grit, swagger, sass and armed with a serious groove. This is a band not short on promise, hope we’ll be hearing plenty more from them before too long.

‘Liberties’ is out now. You can check it out below along with the older ‘Devil’s Pinch’, to prove it’s not just a one off thing. 

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