Introducing: Drenge


Drenge are a two-piece rock outfit based in Sheffield, comprised of brothers Rory and Eoin Loveless.

Taking their cue from the White Stripes/Black Keys/Sluts of Trust school of rock ‘n roll, though less downright sleazy than the latter, one batters drums and the other sings and looks after the powerhouse of a guitar riffs. Simple as that; two brothers, guitar and drums? Not so. A blob of grittiness and a clot of high-octane energy, that’s what Drenge are, and hardly anything else. Take the brutally aggressive, raw and muscular nature of latest single, ‘Bloodsports’ and you will get the idea. It sums up the duo quite perfectly, just make sure to turn it up loud. Earlier days but this sibling duo are an exciting prospect. 

Drenge head out on a UK tour with Deap Vally later this month, judging by the choice cuts, it could be one hell of a show. 

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