Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Je Me Perds de Vue’


Melody’s Echo Chamber has announced the release of ‘Crystallized’, the next single to be taken from Parisian Melody Prochet’s eponymous debut album.

Released late last year, my infatuation with Melody’s Echo Chamber is well documented, so it’s no real surprise to find I’m gleefully lapping up news of a solitary new track, b-side ‘Je Me Perds de Vue’. Originally appearing reversed and warped on the aforementioned debut as the spiraling  instrumental ‘IsThatWhatYouSaid.’ Now stripped to its former glory, Prochet’s vocal remains exquisitely beautiful as ‘Je Me Perds de Vue’ reveals itself as another lush ear-worm, psych tinged tune.

‘Crystallized’ along with ‘Je Me Perds de Vue’ is released on the 18th of March. Also, someone please bring  Melody’s Echo Chamber to Ireland.  Thank you.

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