Introducing: Myronik

Myronik (aka Liam Myers) is 21-year-old producer from Dublin now living in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, taking his cue from the likes of Four Tet, Flying Lotus, Burial and Caribou.

Myronik’s slick productions contain real fluidity and organic feel, bringing us on a journey through very different atmospheric environments of sound; close your eyes and be lulled into a world of escapism. ‘You Me You’ is dark and doom laden, with snappy beats engulfed by murky subterranean low bass rumbles. ‘Joyless’ and ‘Sloppy Jane’ are more breezy cuts, the latter in particular is one of airy ambient tranquility. Myronik’s work is one of diversity but a corner stone for all his work is the inclusion of inescapably infectiousness of head nodding beats.

There’s is a remarkable amount of  top quality electronic music being produced in Ireland right now and Myronik can be added to that ever growing roll of honour. One to watch out for no doubt.

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