King Krule – ‘Rock Bottom’

Since stumbling across Archy Marshall early last year, he and his talents have impressed ever so much in this short time under the guises of  Zoo Kid and King Krule.

The London teenager’s music sounds older and wiser than his relatively young age would suggest, as does his voice, which is rough alluding to someone who has lived a much longer, fuller life. He’s been fairly quiet this year but  his latest single ‘Rock Bottom’ provides further evidence of growth and progression. While his earlier releases hinted toward Jamie T and Billy Bragg, he’s beginning to find his very own space on the musical landscape. ‘Rock Bottom’ sounds quite aggressive, especially the vocals, but it’s kept in check, rattling behind the upbeat, jangling guitars and unabashed funk.

‘Rock Bottom’ is out on 7″ on September 25th via Rinse Records.

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