Howie Payne – ‘The Brightest Star’

Liverpool’s lineage and musical heritage is, well, bloody impressive. Although flying under the radar since the demise of The Stands, Howie Payne is a deserving addition to, and exponent of this proud tradition. 

While Payne has been relatively quite since releasing his debut solo album, Bright Light Ballads in 2009, he’s back in the studio of late and working on new material. He has also been sharing the fruits of his labour with us by posting some demos online. The latest , ‘The Brightest Star’, is a wonderful exposition of his talent, superb songs which straddle folk, blues and country.

It is a style often broached but rarely mastered, something gladly Payne has achieved. Payne’s talent is deserving of so much more notoriety, here’s hoping we get a new release from him very soon and it does just that. 

Check out The Brightest Star’ & some choice cuts from Payne’s past work below.

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