Tame Impala – ‘Elephant’

A few weeks back Tame Impala unveiled ‘Apocalypse Dreams‘, the first track from their forthcoming second LP Lonerism. Now releasing the first single they continue to defy expectations and exemplify why they are the ‘King of Kings’ of modern day psychedelic rock.

‘Elephant’ swaggers through that now so recognizable haze of The Beatles, ’70s psychedelic and glam rock influences. It’s a hard edged musical juggernaut, bursting with electrifying guitar licks and riffs, combining with a glitz of smoothly cosmic vocals to permeate the inner most part of your mind. These guys sure know how to get one excited about a new album, fantastic stuff!

Enjoy ‘Elephant’, it’s not long till October 5th when Lonerism unleashed on the masses.

Mp3: Tame Impala – Elephant  [audio http://awmusic.ca/1/mp3/Tame%20Impala-Elephant.mp3]

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