Cian Ciaran (SFA) – ‘You & Me’ + Debut Solo Album

Cian Ciaran from Super Furry Animals is set to release his debut solo album, Outside In, on July 30th.

The album is being released on his own Strange Town Records and will feature, among others, fellow Super Furries Daf and Guto. The first taste of things what to expect in July is ‘You & Me’, a song of lamenting lyrics with truly beautiful textures, strings and sounds. This a simply gorgeous composition, which does more than whet one’s appetite, his album could be something quite special.

You can check out or download ‘You & Me’ below and make up your own mind.

4 thoughts on “Cian Ciaran (SFA) – ‘You & Me’ + Debut Solo Album

  1. Cheers for the link Barry. Just heard ‘Til I Die on 6Music, and if you didn’t know it was him you’d still be breaking down the door of your local record emporium to buy it. Oh, hold on, people don’t do that anymore……

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