Quompilation #2: Irish bands cover their favourite tracks of 2011

Quarter Inch’s Quompilation is back again this year for round two in the series of Irish artists covering their favourite songs, this time of course from 2011.

Is it better than it’s 2010 counterpart? Hard to say really but it certainly is on a par with its forebearer. There is some cracking stuff on offer here as Girl Band cover The Chemical Brothers, Ginola tackle Tieranniesaur, Logikparty rework John Maus, Simon Bird dons Kavinsky’s apparel and No Monster Club do more justice to Jedward than they deserve.

You can check out the whole 11 tracks and get more details over on the Quarter Inch websiteThe launch night takes place this Friday night in Crawdaddy with The Ambience Affair, Cloud Castle Lake, No Monster Club, Simon Bird, Girl Band, Ginola, Turning Down Sex and Rhino Magic all on the bill.

Download: Simon Bird – Night Call (Kavinsky Cover)

Ginola – I Don’t Stop (Tieranniesaur Cover)

 Girl Band – Hanna’s Theme (The Chemical Brothers Cover)

 Logikparty – Quantum Leap (Logikparty’s Pitiless Censor Mix) (John Maus Cover)

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