Introducing: Tashaki Miyaki

An air of mystery surrounds California duo, Tashaki Miyaki. Comprised of lead vocalist/drummer Tashaki and guitarist Miyaki little else is widely known about them, in an age of information saturation it is quite strange.

This mysteriousness only furthers the alluring charm of the music as does the elegance of their sounds. The duo combine forces to produce irresistible hazy, sun soaked pop songs with the equally charming laid back female vocals adding an air of wistful bliss.

‘Somethin Better Than Nothin’ and ‘Get It Right’ are both taken from Tashaki Miyaki’s eponymous debut EP, out now.

 Tashaki Miyaki – Somethin Is Better Than Nothin via edin2sun

Tashaki Miyaki – Get It Right via Sound Injections

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