Adultrock – ‘Ripe Ripe’

Surely I can’t be the only one wondering where We Are Losers‘ frontman Gavin Elsted finds the time? If he isn’t winning people over with We Are Losers’ glorious lo-fi fuzz pop, he’s making super electronica under his Adultrock alias.

Last week he dropped a brand new cut ‘Ripe Ripe’, from the soothing percussion to the undeniably cheery vibe ‘Ripe Ripe’ will permeate ever inch of conciseness. This is exemplary stuff which embodies the very essence of why Adultrock is an extremely worthwhile venture. Lets hope we hear much more from this side of Elsted’s psyche in future. 

Catch him on We Are Losers duty this Friday, 18 November supporting Dutch Uncles in Academy 2.

Download: Adultrock – Ripe Ripe

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