Introducing: Henry’s Funeral Shoe

Comprised of brothers Aled and Brennig Clifford, Henry’s Funeral Shoe evoke the ferious blues rock spirit of the Deep South, rather than the Welsh Valleys from which they hail.

Occupying the same space on the musical spectrum as The Black Keys, White Stripes and The Soledad Brothers they specialize in rousing numbers ranging from the stomping ‘Love Is A Fever’ and ‘Be Your Own Invention’ to their contrasting softer side on acoustic-driven tracks such as “Heart on Fire” and ‘Bottom to Top’. This is blues infused rock ‘n’ roll at it’s very best, there is an abundance of talent here and they make a hell of a racket into the bargain.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe release their second album Donkey Jacket on October 11th via Alive Naturalsound Records. 

 Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Bottom to Top

Download: Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Dog Scratch Ear via Mixtape Muse

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