Introducing: Hyde & Beast

Futureheads drummer Dave Hyde has joined forces with ex-Golden Virgins drummer, Neil Bassett (Yes, that’s two drummers) to make Hyde and Beast.

Following an almost accidental coming together, experimenting with songs in Bassett’s Sunderland studio, they decided to start their own label, Tail Feather Records and release records.

It is very different to Hyde’s day job with The Futureheads, the fine purveyors of jerky-arty-pop-punk. This is much more of the ‘classic’ rock canon, opting for a more retro, ’60s/’70s inspired, bluesy sound – think Faces, Humble Pie mixed with a touch of T-Rex, or more recently The Black Keys.

There is an album coming soon. They’ve enlisted help from some friends, most notably Field Music’s David Brewis and The Futureheads’ vocalist/guitarist, Barry Hyde.

Check out Hyde & Beast’s video for ‘(And the) Pictures in the Sky’, taken from their forthcoming album. You can grab it below or sign up to their mailing list on their website.


Download: Hyde & Beast – (and the) Pictures In The Sky

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