SertOne – ‘The View From Above’ EP

Electronic music is one of the most neglected and under exposed genres from the Irish music scene. It is all the more baffling when you consider the quality of some recent releases. One such record is the forthcoming debut EP from Armagh native SertOne.

The View From Above sees SertOne serve up seven cuts of decidedly different, genre defying and toe tapping tunes full of electro goodness. The formula seems so simple; blend a variety of fresh electronic beats with some glitchy hip-hop beats and add some silky samples, wallah! A wholly original sound from the crisp infectious beats of ‘Past, Present, Future’ to the hypnosis inducing ‘8mm’ always flowing, always captivating.

A superb debut of simply outstanding quality. One can only imagine this guy is destined for a bright future.

The View From Above is out on February 21st via the new ‘Melted Music’ label and the launch night is February 25th at Morrisson’s, Belfast.

SertOne – Past, Present, Future

SertOne – Astro-Bazaar

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