Mr Bligh – Is This England?

Certain sections of the music press seem intent on propagating the view that British music is in need of a savior, by some ‘ladish’ Oasis style hier, yawn!

A quick glance across the musical landscape will dispel such an argument, revealing luminaries such as Arctic Monkeys, British Sea Power and Jamie T et al.

Mr. Bligh hailing from North London comes via the same school as the later. His ponderous debut record Is This England? is a rumbustious rattle through London life, from an artist with a real predilection for detailed insightful social commentary.

We are presented with juxtaposition of lyrical maturity and youthful rebellion absent of clichés or blasé. He contemplates everything from the fairness of a society rewarding the failure of the rich at the expense of others, to the absurdity of racism and joyless house parties.

This distinctive mix of indie, punk, reggae and streetwise hip-hop with flowing, heartfelt lyrics and rich melodies adds Mr. Bligh’s name to the rich sound that is modern Britain.

Mr Bligh – Brand New Ting

Mr Bligh – Its Not Fair

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