Introducing: Malachai

Toward the end of 2010 Domino Records gave away an album sampler of acts from their roster – which included many new discoveries but standing out from the crowd was head Malachai.

The Bristol duo have already been championed by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, 2010’s Ugly Side Of Love carved them an enigmatic position on the musical landscape. Their unique combination of trip hop with ’60s psychedelia and howling garage-soul is a veritable breather from the tide of indie/electro-pop.

Their music is fresh, organic yet vintage but fear not, an apparent fondness for turn-of-the-1970s British music never leaves them sounding like a tribute to an era band. How this album didn’t make a bigger impact last year is a mystery, perhaps like myself, it just slipped under the radar.

Why tell you all this now? Malachai will release new album Return To The Ugly Side on February 22nd – ‘Rainbows’ is a taste of what’s to come, it should be good.

Malachai – Rainbows (feat. Katy Wainwright)

Malachai – Blackbird via musicmule

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