Two Wounded Birds – ‘Keep Dreaming Baby’ EP


Okay, there’s been quite a lot of surf-rock meets indie-pop, especially this year, but when it’s done well there should be no aversion to more.

Step forward Two Wounded Birds, who have released their debut EP Keep Dreaming Baby. You would be forgiven for thinking they had cooked up this sound on the sunny beaches of California rather than southern england coastal town of Margate.

In short, we are presented with a splendid mix of catchy sunny, fast paced surf rock and other distinctly more melancholic songs, leaving a lingering feeling of deja-vu. Think of a contagious sound ala Graham Coxon meets The Beach Boys.

I’d expect to hear plenty more from Two Wounded Birds in the future and here are two fine examples.

You can stream/buy the EP from bandcamp

Two Wounded Birds – Keep Dreaming Baby

Two Wounded Birds – My Lonesome

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