Shameless Plug #1: LookLeft

It is shameless plug time but can you blame me? Some of you will already be aware that I’ve begun writing for LookLeft Magazine. It’s a 32 page mix of progressive news, views and solutions dealing with politics, culture and sports.

Anyway Issue 4 has just hit the shelves and it is the first copy I’ve contributed to. This years Hard Working Class Heroes Festival comes under my watchful gaze, taking a close look at bands like Kill Krinkle Club, Enemies, Jogging, Nouveanoise, Conor Mason, The Lost Brothers, RSAG, We Are Losers and Kid Karate .

There’s also a selection of handpicked legally free music from Max Tannone, We Are Losers and Captain Moonlight. Finally I’ve run a tentative eye over the ‘Policing Dialogues’ exhibition from the ‘What’s The Story Collective’ in The Lab, Dublin.

There’s lots of great content from numerous excellent scribes, all for just €2. For more info on what’s in issue 4 and where you can pick up your copy go to the LookLeft Website.

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