Video: The Streets – ‘Trust Me’

The Streets (Aka Mike Skinner) have just dropped a new video for ‘Trust Me’. It’s one of a number of tracks he released via twitter for free in 2009. It’s certainly some of his most impressive material for some time, funk filled, electro-tinged and dancey with relaxed and reassured lyrical delivery.

Skinner has spent the best part of two years putting together The Streets forthcoming and final album Computers and Blues. It has been claimed the record will sound like Berlin (the city not the band) and “dancing music to drink tea to”. Let’s hope he can sign off on the project with some style befitting what was born from the sleek and stylish Original Pirate Material in 2001.

Call it a hunch but we might see a new album in early 2011, until then grab some of the aforementioned free tracks below via Stereogum.

Mp3: The Streets – Trust Me

Mp3: The Streets – I Love My Phone

Mp3: The Streets – David Hassles

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