The Charlatans ‘Love is Ending’

To be honest apart from a live reputation mainly due to the quality of their back catalogue it seemed the best years were well and truly behind The Charlatans. Ahead of their 11th studio album in September they have returned with new single ‘Love is Ending’ which sees them return to their roots somewhat and produce what is without doubt their best track for many years.

Who We Touch will be released 7 September but for now check out the video directed by The Jesus & Mary Chain’s Douglas Hart.

The Chemical Brothers ‘Further’

The Chemical Brothers had a pretty straightforward approach to making albums blending dance floor fillers with expansive melodic psychedelic tracks and well-known collaborations wherever possible. This formula only came unstuck recently with a number of lacklustre and mediocre albums which placed 7th album Further as watershed moment in The Chemical Brothers career.

They’ve gone back to the drawing board and dispensed with the swarm of guest vocalists which often clouded more recent works. Free from the burden of creating tunes to suit collaborators their undoubted talent is let loose to full effect. This rediscovered independence has allowed them to create a more patient album of substance, concentrating on building slowly to memorable crescendos which are all wrapped up nicely in melodic psychedelic vibes.

The high points here are the techno styled ‘Horse Power’, hazy meandering and summery ‘Swoon’ and the choppy and fun ‘Dissolve’. Further is a record set to simmer rather than boil but like good food it takes time and effort – they have well and truly blown away the cobwebs and started again.

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon

The Chemical Brothers – Dissolve

Return of The Bees ‘Silver Line’

The return of everyone’s favourite Isle of Wight export The Bees is not before time. It follows 2007’s superb Octopus and 2008’s mixtape affair Sound Selection.  They are one of the most under-rated, overlooked but talented bands to emerge in the past few years and hopefully they will once again deliver a refreshing alternative to existing ‘indie scene’ with their genre defying mix of 60′s rock, folk, reggae, soul and jazz.

First out of the traps is ‘Silver Line’, a pretty simple but beautifully mellow downbeat meandering folky song with touches of their unique speciality, eccentricity – it’s early days but this has me pretty excited.

But what do you think?

Mp3: The Bees – Silver Line

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Erol Alkan ‘Hard Summer Mix’

Erol Alkan has recorded a live and exclusive rousing 60 minute mix for the Hard Summer Party, which he will be co-headlining in LA on Saturday 7th August. By live the man himself sums it up best as “You know, 2 decks and a mixer. No ableton / Warts and ALL”.

The tracklisting hasn’t been made available yet for some reason but I’m sure you will be familiar with many of the tunes on offer and it just so happens we have it here, so get your ears round this.

Erol Alkan’s ‘Hard Summer Mix’

Inbox Jukebox: Tone Idle, Red Army, Kid Adrift & Live at Kalibou Beach

Live at Kalibou Beach

With an almost overwhelming amount of emails coming through each day it’s hard to post everything that’s good. This is an attempt at rectifying this problem and showing some love to the ones which deserve yours and my attention.

Mp3: Live at Kalibou BeachSlushball

Live at Kalibou Beach are electro duo Dhom and May from Dresden, Germany who “like guitars, some screaming, toy guns, stars and jumping in pools”. This eccentricity is certainly replicated in their music, a rather quirky, uplifting but industrial brand of electro pop with flashes of 8-bit blips. They follow-up last years debut album Brilliant Eyes with Herz Esbjerg in August.

Red Army – Hashrock

Red Army (aka James Fuhring) is no newbie, playing and creating drum & bass since the late nineties and has even hooked up with the maestro Alec Empire. Drum & bass can sometimes seem severely repetitive but thankfully there’s none of that on show here –  much more complex dark, sweeping, forceful and punchy stuff.

Tone Idle – Roll The Drums

Based in the South East of England Tone Idle are duo James Matlock and Marc Manning. These guys have been making bass-filled synth-accented electro tunes together for about 9 months and have also worked closely with A1 Bassline, Tek-One, Joy Orbison and Kavsrave. With a pile of fresh music waiting for release later this year this is surely only the beginning of the story.

Kid Adrift – Static

Glasgow’s Kid Adrift is walking the fine line between rock and electro which can sometimes blow up in your face. That’s not the case here and he’s very much his own man. It is big, dirty and screaming with influences of dubstep and drum & bass – lots of blips, beeps, bass, guitar hooks and catchy vocals galore. ‘Static’ is taken from Oxytocin EP is out now.

The Like ‘Release Me’

The Like could quite possibly be one of the best 60’s bands there never was. Their latest record Release Me is a brimmy with cheerful, inoffensive well-crafted, catchy songs of the 60’s pop variety with more vocal harmonies, “Ooos” and “Ahhhs” than you can shake a stick at.

This certainly won’t be boldy breaking new musical boundaries as the LA girls have for all intense and puropse made a record with a real retro vibe, yet not at one time does it feel old, stale or tired. It sounds very much like what you’d imagine 60’s music to sound like (if that’s not too confusing) and is likely down to producer Mark Ronson’s knack for getting this sound spot on a la Amy Winehouse or Candie Payne.

Cheery times.

Mp3: The Like – Release Me

The Like – He’s Not A Boy

The Mighty Stef ‘Thank Christ for the Kids’ [For Free]

Dublin’s finest troubadour The Mighty Stef has just announce he is giving away his new single ‘Thank Christ for the Kids’ as a free download on his site. It’s his first new material since releasing the splendid 100 Midnights early last year and it once again conveys the varied musical talents Stef possess, making music being true to himself and his lyrics. Definitely one of Ireland’s best talents at present, lets hope there’s a new album to boot.

Go to his site to download the ‘Thank Christ for the Kids’ for free now

The Mighty Stef – Thank Christ For The Kids

The Hives ‘Civilization’s Dying’

It’s Sunday, I’m pretty tired but are The Hives cheating with other people’s songs?

The first and last most of us heard of The Hives was the release of Your New Favourite Band in 2001 but apparently they’ve been banging out records pretty regular over the years unbeknownst to myself . The reacquaintance comes in the shape of cover of 1981’s ‘Civilization’s Dying’  by the Indianapolis punk band Zero Boys. The Hives’ version is more polished than the original and sounds a lot like now defunct Dublin Band The Things but to choose  a blazing rant of a song about the world going down the toilet is certainly pretty apt – good stuff.

Civilisation’s Dying is taken from the Tarred and Feathered EP out now.

The Hives – Civilization’s Dying

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The Weekend Cometh

I’d intended on a quiet weekend (of sorts) which is advisable with a match early on Sunday morning. That’s all changed following a mix-up or crossed wires, call it what you will but two of my mates from London are arriving in Dublin tomorrow so all the ‘quietness’ is obviously out the window now.

As well as some catching up and drinking, some music will be on the agenda which will most likely involve a trip to The Twisted Pepper to catch Adebisi Shank.

It took me some time to really get Adebisi Shank but it was certainly worth the wait, they are one of the loudest and best Irish bands around at the minute. It should be a rather unique experience on Saturday as the show is geared to give the band a chance air some new material with a new album expected in August.

Support on the night is hardly lightweight either with DJ sets from Not Squares, Nialler9, Gav (SEBP) – (€10 – Doors @ 11.30pm).

Adebisi Shank – You Me

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Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé ‘Rubber EP’

Mr. Oizo seems to be the French equivalent of a crazed English eccentric we read about in books or see in films who think they can turn a hand to anything. In this case it seems he can. There’s nothing crazy about the coming together of two of the biggest talents in electronic music, Mr Oizo and Justice‘s Gaspard Augé (it’s called Filter House apparently). They have just released an EP as the soundtrack to the film Rubber, directed by Mr. Oizo himself and featuring Augé too.

Everything fantastic about Oizo and Justice is on show here and is rounded off by the inclusion of a Flying Lotus a remix of ‘Rubber’ – Check ’em out along with the explosion filled teaser for the flick.

Rubber is available now from Ed Banger

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Rubber (Original Mix)

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Rubber (Flying Lotus Unprotected Sex Remix)

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New Interpol ‘Barricade’

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve only ever given Interpol a fleeting glance from till ‘Lights’ grabbed my full attention earlier in the year even though they’ve had numerous outstanding moments – guess what Interpol have done it again. Latest single ‘Barricade’ is a little different from ‘Lights’ but if you liked it you will love this and its safe to say it’s still very distinctly Interpol – dark, moody, churning and enigmatic. Appetite suitably whet.

‘Barricade’ is taken from the self-titled album released 7th September and they play 3 nights in Dublin’s Olympia in November/December.

Interpol – Barricade