The Hives ‘Civilization’s Dying’

It’s Sunday, I’m pretty tired but are The Hives cheating with other people’s songs?

The first and last most of us heard of The Hives was the release of Your New Favourite Band in 2001 but apparently they’ve been banging out records pretty regular over the years unbeknownst to myself . The reacquaintance comes in the shape of cover of 1981’s ‘Civilization’s Dying’  by the Indianapolis punk band Zero Boys. The Hives’ version is more polished than the original and sounds a lot like now defunct Dublin Band The Things but to choose  a blazing rant of a song about the world going down the toilet is certainly pretty apt – good stuff.

Civilisation’s Dying is taken from the Tarred and Feathered EP out now.

The Hives – Civilization’s Dying

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